Frequently Asked Questions (not really)

-What is this site?

This site was built to help people find the prettiest NFTs from the Playing Arts Crypto Edition which features incredible art from 55 leading artists.

Most of the information can be found browsing the OpenSea collections directly, but this site aggregates data from multiple sources into more accessible and relevant formats and time frames. This should be especially useful when trying to estimate card value potential using accurate and relevant historical data.

What is OpenSea?

It's the biggest decentralized NFT marketplace in the known universe.

What is NFTx?

NFTx is a new decentralized platform which adds liquidity and utility to some NFT collections by allowing people to swap cards directly for ETH or other PA floor cards usually with a ~11% premium. It's possible to redeem/swap any vault card for the price of 1.10 PACE.

You would receive 0.95 PACE no-strings-attached for any floor card you put in the vault. This can be used in calculations for combined prices of cards, suits or decks.

Note: PACE can also be bought from SushiSwap and it's possible to buy cards directly from the PACE vault for ETH but liquidity is not always great, so it's often more convenient to get floor cards from OpenSea instead. Better do that when ETH gas prices are not crazy, I would wait until gas price is around ~40-80 GWEI.

When purchasing multiple items (like sweeping the floor) at a time the best possible deal however is usually made using a tool like the awesome which is incredibly convenient and cost-effective. It could save an additional 20% in gas fees when buying multiple ERC-721 cards.

What's so great about the data?

This site combines several OpenSea collections into one UI and adds any items available on NFTx to the same search to find the most affordable options to buy/trade/swap. It's now also possible to find a specific mint ID for any card in seconds instead of browsing through 7000+ pages on OpenSea manually.

This site builds a daily snapshot of any changes on the market and allows us to see aggregated historical floor prices and other statistics for any card and globally for the collections. This is more convenient than trying to manually follow the price development of 150 or 7000+ cards.

Update in april 2023: Sorry, NFTx data is no longer useable because of API changes and lazyness so it was hidden.

Is all data from the relevant collections on OpenSea included?

OpenSea API contains a shitload of data related to prices, bids, auction types etc. The current price, last price, owner etc info are always imported but english auctions and bids in general are ignored because those are not comparable with current price. Also, we ignore any bundles and items priced in anything other than ETH/WETH because they are mainly used for scams. And even if they weren't we skip them to keep information consistent and understandable.

To make this simpler to understand: all the prices shown here are prices that allow the buyer to instantly buy a single card for ETH without having to wait for an auction to end or be outbid.

Is everything from NFTx imported?

Actually NFTx is not used directly for data import. However all cards held by the NFTx PACE vault are held under one address and those cards are marked as "For sale on NFTx".

Update in april 2023: Actually nothing from NFTx is updated as the integration is broken. Only OpenSea activity gets tracked these days.

Is the data always 100% up to date?

Not 100%, there is always some delay for importing data from OpenSea, which can be minutes or more. A bigger snapshot of relevant data is taken every day to save historical price / valuations.

If you sort by "Last changed" you would see the same items on top as you'd see on OpenSea except that:

- auctions without buyout price, bids etc are simply ignored, we only care about the exact price an item is for sale for right now

- when importing any changes, the timestamp for changed items may be identical, so sometimes the very last updates are not in the top row but a few rows lower.

- If an OpenSea account changes his name or cards are transferred from A to B, they get flagged as changed (not on OpenSea).

Is the data always perfect and consistent?

Yes - well no, some historical data such as "last sale price" is missing because the imported data method or structure has since changed. Some of this can and is fixed retroactively, some cant or wont.

There are also some differences in data display and methods of calculation such as rounding numbers to an accuracy that is easier to grasp.

The historical prices of a full suit or deck also include an estimate of related ETH gas fees for OpenSea purchases which are currently estimated with 60 Gwei gas price (inc priority fee) and 225 000 gas limit.

  • NOTE: The calculated and displayed historical prices of full decks and suits may at times be lower than the actual cost because if there are 0 items available for a specific card, it's counted as 0 eventhough it's value can't be measured!

Where can I find more data analytics about the project?

Check out the awesome Playing Arts dashboard on by @dobbytherium!

What's the difference to OpenSea search?

OpenSea search is fine for most purposes, but finding specific mint numbers is a PITA because their search algo can't seem to find anything relevent with "1 / 150". Also nobody knows about or finds the backside cards because they are a separate collection and smart contract type. Stalking other holders is also made easier.

Not to mention that OpenSea offers no aggregated data per card, only 150 separate entities. This site combines daily historical data per card, suit, deck etc which should make price discovery and differences per card more obvious to holders and buyers.

What do you mean with "stalk"?

You know, snoop around, gather data, look at other people's bags, get a better picture of current trends or follow some of the most influential art collectors around.

You are also being stalked yourself in the sense of Google Analytics like pretty much every site in existence. This is not intended as an intrusion of your privacy, the data is anonymized and used for improving the user experience.

If you don't want this, please disable cookies for this domain in your browser settings or use some privacy extension or Brave. The site would still work normally.

Why are there only 1 item of both backside cards visible?

The separate pa-backsides collection is actually not ERC-721 like the main collection but EIP-1155 which are "semi-fungible" tokens without invidual token IDs. They dont really have mint IDs as every NFT for each card is identical. I marked them #1 mint to keep the import process and site UI simple. These bonus cards are also excluded from some charts as their data is not directly comparable.

Its easier to track them as 1 item, even if there are 40+ separate NFTs with unique owners. It's possible to improve this but I doubt I cba.

What are the last sales and their averages?

Each minted card has a "Last sale" property, which has a value only if it has been sold on secondary markets (OpenSea) at least once. The statistics are aggregated daily and summarize each card's last sale based on time.

The last sale average is also aggregated but it's the average value of all the cards which ever had a secondary sale. Each mint is counted only once in the averages even if its resold 100 times. This average changes slower over time and gives a cost estimate of the average buyer per card and day.

Why are jokers and pa-backsides charts not there along with other cards ?

Jokers are on separate charts due to their different metadata structure compared to the rest of the cards and also due to their prices which skew the charts and hide relevant differences for most of the cards.

The backsides likely wont be added because they are still EIP-1155 assets with less relevant data conveniently available, their metadata is incompatible.

Who made this site and why?

It's built by JPEG2000Max because WLTA

Also I built this initially to find certain Playing Arts cards based on mint numbers and other stuff. Apart from loving the art I'm publishing this to pump my bags and maybe yours too.

Is this a official Playing Arts site?

No. This is more like a fan page or something.

Is this a scam to steal my money?

Probably not.

What are the latest updates to this site?

Seaport protocol (active since 25th may 2022) changes have been implemented in the OpenSea API integration on 18th of June 2022. The API is still stupid.

Update in april 2023: Some features of the OpenSea API have since degraded, and broke some of the site features. For example the NFT owning addresses are no longer fetchable and NFTs are not correctly attributed to NFTx. Some features such as stalking and NFTx listings have thus been removed from this site to avoid confusion.

Are these even real frequently asked questions?

No, I made the questions up myself. But if you have actual questions, hit me up on Twitter or PA Discord.